Cell Reprogramming Australia Inc (CRA) is not-for-profit scientific collaboration. A donation to CRA goes directly to supporting scientific research collaborations.

To make a donation, contact Dr Nilay Thakar at n.thakar@uq.edu.au

An invoice can be generated.

CRA is a not-for-profit organisation operating within the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland.

CRA is a great opportunity to assure that any investment you may wish to make in reprogramming and iPS cell research will be directed where it is most urgently needed: towards cures for the devastating diseases that touch all our lives.

CRA is unencumbered by the demands of an academic institution or a government body, and has created a model for improving institutional collaboration, linking researchers and resources based on the conviction that, by working collaboratively, research can move most rapidly from lab bench to bedside.

Donations advance CRA's key initiatives

  • Develop disease-specific reprogrammed iPS cell lines in our state-of-the-art reprogramming and iPS cell facilities;
  • In the future, provide fellowships for young researchers and grants to innovative scientists;
  • Inform the scientific community and general public about the latest reprogramming and iPS cell advances and policies; and
  • Provide a secure foundation to expand our research programs.

Thank you for your interest in this very exciting initiative. Your support is most welcome and appreciated.