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  • Professor of Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon/Plastic Surgeon
  • Director of The Clem Jones Research Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Therapies Bond University, Queensland Health

Research interests

Dr Patrick Warnke is an internationally-renowned stem cell researcher and plastic surgeon who created world headlines after leading a research team that succeeded in 'growing' a new jawbone for a cancer sufferer using the patient's own stem cells.

In 2007, Dr Warnke launched the revolutionary MyJoint program in Germany - a cutting edge tissue engineering network comprising researchers and practitioners from leading institutions worldwide who are focussed on developing technologies that will enable patients to use their own bodies as 'bio-reactors' to grow replacement bones and organs. Dr Warnke continues his role in this ground-breaking medical field, drawing Bond University's Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine into the global MyJoint collaboration.

In addition to Dr Warnke's extensive research and publication portfolio, he has devoted many years to teaching through lectures, clinical skills training and thesis supervision, winning an award in 2006 for the Best Student Lectures of the Year within the Medical Faculty of the Christian-Albrecht's-University in Germany.


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