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  • Professor Richard Harvey, PhD, FAA
  • Head, Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Division
  • Deputy Director, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
  • Sir Peter Finley Professor of Cardiac Research, University of New South Wales

Research interests

Professor Richard Harvey received his PhD in 1982 from the University of Adelaide, training in molecular biology. He undertook postdoctoral studies in embryology at Harvard University, then moved to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne, establishing an independent group. In 1998, he relocated to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, where he is currently Co-Deputy Director and Head of the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Division. He holds the endowed Sir Peter Finley Professorship of Heart Research at UNSW and an NHMRC Australia Fellowship, and is a member of EMBO and the Australian Academy of Science. His research has focused on the genetic basis of heart development and congenital heart disease, and more recently on the biology and origin of adult cardiac stem cells, and cardiac regeneration. He is generating IPS cells from human patients with hypoplastic left heart to study the mechanisms of disease.

Recent publications

  1. Review Harvey RP. Links in the left/right axial pathway. Cell 1998; 94:273-76. (IF=31.15; Citations 101)
  2. Lai D, Forrai A, Liu X, Wolstein O, Michalicek J, Ahmed I, Garratt AN, Birchmeier C, Zhou M, Hartley L, Robb L, Feneley MP, Fatkin D, Harvey RP. Neuregulin 1 sustains the gene regulatory network in both trabecular and non-trabecular myocardium. Circulation Research 2010, 107:715-727 [journal cover] (IF=9.98)
  3. Furtado MB, Solloway MJ, Jones V, Costa MW, Biben C, Wolstein O, Preis JI, Sparrow DB, Saga Y, Dunwoodie SL, Robertson EJ, Tam PPL, Harvey RP. BMP/SMAD1 signalling sets a threshold for the left/right pathway in lateral plate mesoderm and limits availability of SMAD4. Genes and Development 2008; 22:3037-3049 (IF=12.07; Citations 1)
  4. Drenckhahn J-D, Schwarz QP, Gray S, Laskowski A, Kiriazis H, Ming Z, Harvey RP, Du X-J, Thorburn DR, Cox TC. Compensatory growth of healthy cardiac cells in the presence of diseased cells restores cardiac tissue homeostasis during heart development. Developmental Cell 2008; 15:521-533 [Journal Cover] (IF=13.36; Citations 1).
  5. Prall OWJ, Menon MK, Solloway MJ, Watanabe Y, Zaffran S, Bajolle F, Biben C, McBride JJ, Robertson BR, Chaulet H, Stennard FA, Wise N, Schaft D, Wolstein O, Furtado MB, Shiratori H, Chien KR, Hamada H, Black BL, Saga Y, Robertson EJ, Buckingham ME, Harvey RP. An Nkx2-5/Bmp2/Smad1 negative feedback loop orchestrates cardiac progenitor cell specification and proliferation in the second heart field. Cell 2007; 128:947-959. (IF=31.15; Citations 47)
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